The Vocation Skin

What Makes An Online Business Successful? It’s The Way How You Treat Your Site Visitors. It’s Like An Office – where a visitor needs to be attended. It is not practical to assist every visitor on your site, but it surely is to attract them. Vocation helps you get that done – in no time. Winning.

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vocation has a lot to offer – seriously.

Vocation Is Empowered From a Real & Practical Business Point Of View. Each & Ever Element In The Skin Is Given High Priority. Although you might avoid some factors of your site, they might be playing a very high role in the eyes of search engines and your readers as well. The Speciality Of Vocation Is That It Helps You Put Every Piece Of Greatness In Front Of Your Readers’ Eyes. Winning. Here Are Some Exceptional Features Of The Skin:

Responsiveness – Feel The Change

  • Be It A Smartphone Or One Of The Best/Worst Tablets In The World – your site shall not be affected due to the size of the device because Vocation knows when to resize/expand itself.
  • Vocation is expertly designed to be ‘Responsive’ to any device on the planet. Responsiveness doesn’t end at just resizing the window – each and every element of the site needs to be given high priority.
  • There’s no need of any plugin or any third-party functionality.

Cutting-Edge Customization Options

  • No design is worth it if there’s no easy way to customize it according to the needs. Vocation has a separate Design Options page, where tonnes of things that define your site’s design can be configured or removed.
  • The Design Options page does not restrict to the general typography options i.e. the font size & family. It has options & settings for almost every box pre-included with the skin.
  • This helps you make your site look unique and different from others in no time. Options such as the Primary Link Color allows you to choose the color that suits and matches your site.

Typography – The Real Definition

  • Knowing Your Subject Is One Thing – Presenting It On The Web Is Another. Your Site Is Not Any Blank Notebook Where You’re Keeping Your Notes – it is something that the entire world can see.
  • Henceforth, you need to show your written material in the best possible
  • That’s where Typography steps in. Although Thesis 2.x has an in-built functionality to make the best of typography for your site, Vocation takes it a step further and handles it on every different device such as SmartPhones where the text on your site is automatically resized to suit the viewers eye.

Vocation Is The Ultimate Option For You