Vocation – Documentation

The following videos shall help you set-up your skin, configure a number of features that the skin is built on and also explain on how to add/change any functionality (Thesis Boxes). Take a look at all to learn how to get the best out of the skin and make your site’s design speak for itself.

Installing The Skin & Setting Up The Homepage

[vimeo 84487762 w=600&h=375]

Adding & Configuring The ‘Great’ Boxes

[vimeo 84487756 w=600&h=375]

Playing Around With The Design Options

[vimeo 84489445 w=600&h=375]

Using The Shortcodes

[vimeo 84487757 w=600&h=375]

Integrating The Stunning WOW Slider

[vimeo 84487759 w=600&h=375]

Using The Shortcodes – Buttons.

You can use the following button colors in the “Button” shortcode. Simply put the button color where asked (in the shortcode).

black, purple, rosy, orange, yellow, pink, red, blue, green, brown, gold, teal or navy

Using The Shortcodes – Boxes.

Use the following color values where asked in the “Box” shortcode inside your post editor.

green, blue, peach, purple, pink or yellow