Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any product from ThesisLove, you agree to the Terms & Conditions mentioned on this page. Thereby, it is assumed that prior to making a purchase with ThesisLove, you’ve read and agreed to all the conditions mentioned on this page. *An option to agree the terms mentioned on this page is provided during the checkout, and this page is clearly linked as well.

1) Usage and License

The products purchased by you can be used on unlimited number of sites owned by you, the buyer. Usage of the products on any sites not owned by you leads to a violation of the terms. A site owned by you is any site where you directly have administrative access. You can be a partial owner of the site.

*Note – If you’re a developer/designer, your license does not allow you to use the products for your clients. You will need to purchase individual licenses for every client that you may use the product(s) for.

2) Membership Account and Security

Upon purchasing any product on the site, you automatically become a member on the site. Thereby, you are provided with a username and a password. You are directly responsible for any activities practiced through your specific account. In-case of any security thefts (such as password reset without your knowledge) can be reported to the management using the contact page.

3) Affiliates Commission & Payout

We pay 35% of the total sale amount to the affiliate who referred the sale. The total sale amount is calculated after deducting any coupon code that is used. The earned commissions are paid out at the end of every month after the affiliate has earned at least $50. If the affiliate fails to reach $50 in one month, the commission is simply taken forward to the next month.

ThesisLove Inc. reserves the right to review each and every affiliate sale and if the need arises, to raise, lower or discountinue the commissions perfectage of any idndividual affiliate.

4) Validity

Upon your purchase, you get access to the purchased product/membership account for lifetime. There is no limitation to the validity of the products.

5) Refund Policy

Although we’re sure that you’ll love our products, you might have some or the other reason to not use the product. However, being digital products (no physical material), we cannot provide you any refunds. Therefore, any refund request will be respectfully denied.However, we’ll always go a step ahead to help you with any issue that you might have. Please visit our Support Center which will guide you further and help you in any possible way.

6) Identity Protection

Any information provided upon signing up with us is highly kept secure and confidential. No information is shared by ThesisLove. However, this does not apply to cases where account theft i.e. stolen passwords etc. has taken place.