What’s next?

Following is what I wish to accomplish for ThesisLove:

  • Release the first free skin by ThesisLove 16 Feb, 2018
  • Update existing skins (Cinch & Admire) with fresh code, and integrated automatic updates to allow flawless automatic updates in the future
  • Depreciate existing skins (Bloggers Pride, Vocation, Expressive). The primary reason for this is outdated/disorganized design and it doesn’t make sense to update the code for such designs.
  • Release at least 3 more free skins in 2018
  • Release at least 3 new premium skins in 2018
  • All old ThesisLove customers will have full access to all current and new products. Even if you purchased a single skin, you’ll have full access to all products. Note

This post will be updated as progress is made.